How to Care for Succulents-Comfort Plants

Succulents are truly wonderful and gorgeous plants that have thick leaves that may look somewhat like a flower’s leaves. They are easy to care for which makes them a great indoor plant for plant parents that have a busy schedule. They can adapt to harsh climates and withstand the heat for they are known for storing water in their leaves. 

There are a lot of types of variants of succulents and they are known to have approximately 60 different plant families that contain succulents. Since there are many succulent variations, their sizes may vary as well so for them some can grow to the maximum size of 6 inches while some others can grow to 12 inches tall to 12 inches wide. The range of their growth may vary as well. Some grow faster than others while others are really slow. 

It has been made clear that succulent plants are drought tolerant which simply explains why they came from land with one of the longest dry seasons which is South Africa. They also got their name from their leaves that store water which in Latin is SUCUS that means juice or sap. 

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow especially if grown in the right temperature and given its needs. They are simple plants that do not need frequent watering and just like a cactus, what they just need is a sufficient amount of sunlight. 

1. For Sunlight

Succulent plants are great because all they really need is light. They can grow indoors or out as long as they are getting good light. We recommend putting them by a windowsill that gets consistent light. They will reward you with big long juicy stems. 

2. Watering

The most important thing is to not over water them. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Once you learn how long this takes in your home environment you can create a schedule for them. They will most likely need to be watered more in the summer months.

3. Temperature

Succulent plants can grow in temps from 35-100F. The ideal would be in the 60-80's F but they will not die as long as it is under 100F and not freezing below 32F. 

4. Soil

Succulent plants do not like to be wet. It is important to use soil that drains well and fast. Also it is important to use a pot with drainage holes in it. If you do not have a pot with drainage holes we recommend adding a couple inches of rocks at the bottom to let water go to the bottom and not keep the soil moist. 

5. Fertilizer

Even if succulents can grow well in soil, they will eventually need some fertilizer to help them grow more beautiful and strong. They are non heavy feeders as well and can do fine with some light feeding that can be given once a year which applies to indoor succulents.

6. Propagting

Succulents can be propagated using leaf cutting that can be placed in a jar of water and wait for them to develop roots or simply direct in a pot and wait for them to grow new plants. 

7. Repotting

As a general rule of thumb, you can repot them once you see the roots of your plant coming out of the drainage holes of its pot. 


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