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Plant Care Guides

  • Best 10 Houseplants for Summer
    Jun 21, 2021

    Best 10 Houseplants for Summer

    Some people may really not like summer that much. Its extremely hot and humid and the heat is just uncomfortable. But if you think about it, summer is actually a great time. And why is that? This is the perfect...

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  • Curly Spider Plants
    Jun 07, 2021

    Curly Spider Plants & Why Your Home Needs One

    Spider plants are one of the most attractive plants that are also doing an excellent job of taking care of us.  Similar to regular spiders protect us from being bitten by a mosquito because they eat them, these curly spider...

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  • Best Low Maintenance Plants
    May 31, 2021

    5 Best Low Maintenance Plants

    Back in High School when my mom would leave the country for a couple of months, she would ask me to water all her plants for her while she’s gone and I would only water them once or twice. That’s...

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